Shoe Trends for Men in 2019: Exotic Leather Boots

Shoe Trends for Men in 2019: Exotic Leather Boots


Leather boots present several advantages to its wearers. Genuine leather materials for footwear offer breathability, durability, comfort, and style. Cowboy and roper boots have been around for generations, yet these pieces of footwear are still present and loved to this day.

Fit the right leather boots with matching accessories and clothing to show the world that you mean business, and start upping the ante of your style by wearing exotic leather boots.

Get one of the following exotic leather boots this 2019.

1. Calfskin Leather Boots

Calfskin is a high-quality leather able to withstand harsh environments. Leather cowboy boots made from this material offer design flexibility, and users can evenly buff the material or rough it up to create textures. Calfskin leather comes from calf hides. If you're new to learning about calfskin leather, don't confuse it with lambskin.

Despite having similar appearances, lambskin has a softer and more buttery texture than calfskin. Calfskin, however, is more robust and thicker than lambskin. Calfskin leather also does a better job in retaining its shape. Certain shoe brands use calfskin leather for different boots to cater to a broad range of customers.

Also, calfskin comes from calf hides that are smaller and lighter in comparison with cow or steer hide. One highly evident difference between cow or steer hides and calf hides is the grain. The grain appearance on calfskin is more delicate but thinner. Cow or steer hide leather are better choices regarding durability and thickness, but calfskin presents a more budget-friendly option to interested users.

2. Ostrich Leather Boots

 Another exotic material for boots gaining attention and demand in 2019 is ostrich leather. This material hails from South Africa. Leather boot manufacturers characterize ostrich leather by the points on its hide. This part of the ostrich is known as the "crown," and the location is where the animal's body connects with its neck.

Ostrich leather is rare among the varieties of boot materials out there, thus making it a desirable choice for many boot enthusiasts. Its rarity also attaches an expensive price tag on boots made with this material. If you're looking for luxurious cowboy boots or ropers, then you may consider buying a pair constructed out of ostrich leather.

Be forewarned as there are several ostrich leather imitations scattered across the market. Footwear made by these faux ostrich leather is mostly available in low-end markets. Discern the synthetic material from the genuine article by looking at their manufacturing processes. Fake ostrich leather boot manufacturers use a heavy rolling plate to emboss the indentations to the leather.

3. Lizard Leather Boots

Ostrich leather isn't the only exotic footwear material with a distinct pattern. Leather made from lizard skin also has a unique appearance made for boot lovers looking to separate themselves from the crowd.

Lizard leather boots are now gaining awareness and interest in the footwear industry, thanks to its several advantages. First, the scales on the hide of the animal is tiny in comparison with alligator or crocodile skin. This characteristic offers a more conservative appearance in contrast with larger scales found on crocodilian hides.

Another benefit to using this exotic leather material is its affordability. Lizard skin is relatively common, allowing shoemakers and wearers to enjoy unique pieces of footwear while staying on a budget. Quality lizard leather boots present a polished and refined look, which is ideal for formal and semiformal occasions.

4. Caiman Belly Leather Boots

Caiman belly leather boots add to the list of trending footwear in 2019. Caimans are crocodilians and close cousins to alligators. You can find these animals in abundance in Central and South American regions. Footwear manufacturers find caiman belly as a prized item in the creation of quality footwear.

Boots made from caiman belly skin presents interested buyers with a low-cost option. This entry-level crocodilian leather is at the bottom of the crocodile skin ladder. Still, it presents wearers with a high-quality texture perfect for boots and other footwear.

Many boot aficionados consider caiman leather boots as their signature pieces to ensembles. Despite its lower costs in comparison to other crocodilian leather, this material can still satisfy the strictness of high fashion.

Exotic leather boots are fashionable and functional pieces of footwear. Take cowboy boots made from exotic leather as a prime example; fashion influencers find it as the perfect combination between dandification and functionality. Leather boots with exotic materials are now dominating footwear markets, and their demand is growing steadily with each fashion season.

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