Working in an environment which include heavy lifting, slippery surface, rotary machines, hot objects, electricity and chemical requires Safety Shoes. Most of the workers who works in such kind of hazardous environment need to have a safety shoe. These shoes are designed in different styles and one can choose them according to their work needs. Here, in this article we will cover everything about safety shoes which includes "Top 10 Safety Shoe Brands in India" and  "Types of Safety Shoes".

There are many types of safety shoe available in the market for both men and women. Let's take a look on the variety of safety shoes and how they are appropriate for different job roles.

  1. Safety Toe: These type of shoes are very common for the people involved in heavy lifting tasks in factories or mills. These shoes have a covering steel over toes areas which helps in keeping the toe safe in case of accident.
  2. Footwear with Metal Instep: The main motive of safety shoes is to safeguard foot from hazardous accidents by heavy material or pointed objects. These shoe type are specially made to keep feet protected from pointed object like glass, nails or similar type of objects. A metal insole is pasted just above sole so that no metal can penetrate the sole. They are perfect for people working in industries doing manufacturing work. It prevent any pointed object to penetrate inside the shoe and do any harm to the feet.
  3. Insole having Steel: These steel insole keep your foot safe from joint problems. They are specially made for people riding bikes, heavy trucks or any kind of paddling job which require too much of foot movement. These shoes prevent too much movement of foot and protect from bone problems.
  4. Electric Hazardous shoes: Employees who are engaged in high voltage, wiring, or other electricity work should go for these shoes. The sole of these shoes are designed in such a way which resist electric shock to transfer in human body. Electric shock are most common among workers and one should definitely buy these pair of shoes if involved in similar work.
  5. Drop Hazard Shoes: As the name suggest these shoe are the most common among all the shoe mentioned above. They are suitable for workers doing loading of heavy equipments and have more possibilities of accidents. These shoes protects from upper foot injury due to falling of heavy equipment.

These were the main categories of safety shoes available in the market. Now, we will throw some light on most popular brands or "Top 10 Safety Shoe Brand in India". Here is the list:

  1. Allen Cooper
  2. SeeandWear
  3. Roarking (By SeeandWear)
  4. Bata
  5. Hillson Nucleus
  7. Jacks Hibo
  8. Keen utility
  9. Skechers
  10. Timberland

Now lets discuss each brand in detail-

Allen Cooper


Allen Cooper is a very known brand of Superhouse Group. This is one of the MNC originated in India exporting leather products in more than 35 countries. They manufacture leather belts, wallets, bags, shoes, trolley bags etc. With other formal shoes and accessories they are also a big name for safety shoes used in Industries. In safety shoes, they have mainly three varieties mentioned below:

  • Low Ankle Safety Shoes
  • Hi- Ankle Safety Shoes
  • Semi Ankle Safety Shoes



SeeandWear is one of the emerging brand in leather shoes and accessories and giving tough competition to the most famous brand Allen Cooper, red Chief, Hush puppies and the best brands you can think of. They are famous for their highly comfortable insole and best quality Leather.

They mainly deal with men's formal shoes, safety shoes and other accessories like wallets, belts, shoe cream etc. This brand has shown a tremendous growth over past few years and one of the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart with more than 4.5 star rating. For bulk order you can get even better prices.

You can buy SeeandWear Safety shoes directly or from Flipkart or Amazon.


"RoarKing" which is a subsidiary of brand SeeandWear was established in 2017 in India and exporting their leather shoes in more than 10 countries. Like SeeandWear, Roarking is also focusing on giving best comfort to the customer at best price. They are selling both formal and safety shoes made up of genuine leather.

Being such a new brand they have captured the market quiet quickly and best ratings on Amazon where customers compare them with the brand Hush Puppies in terms of comfort,


Bata is a multinational footwear and accessory manufacturer which is located in Switzerland. Many people have myth that Bata is an Indian Brand but it is not. However, it is an international brand having more than 6000 stores in more than 80 countries and have production unit in more than 20 countries.  Bata jumped into manufacturing long time back and gained so much popularity in it. In terms of comfort, this brand is doing nice job but the shoe price is not soothing to everyone's pocket. Specially, a worker cannot afford such high cost shoes. But, if you are looking for variety of designs and money is not a constraint then go for this brand.

Hillson Nucleus

This brand claim that they make ISI marked Safety shoes with steel toe cap and double density leather. They sell good quality safety shoes at a very reasonable price. This brand expertise in making safety shoes and have a wide variety of them like Safety Gumboot, Industrial Safety Gumboot, PVC Gumboots, Leather Safety Shoes, Ankle Boot and Industrial Safety Shoes.


Safety Pro is a manufacturer of Steel Toe Safety Shoes. This manufacturing unit is located in India and you can find safety shoes at very low price. But, as per the customer ratings these shoes are not the most comfortable and durable shoes in this price range. The shoe is made up of micro leather with PVC outsole. But, in my opinion do buy these shoes after reading customer review only.

Jacks Hibo

Jacks Hibo is a Chinese brand selling their shoes on number of websites like, Ali Express etc. These Safety shoes are specialized in Steel toe, rubber slip-resistant outsole, steel midsole, Steel toe cap and many other special features designed for the safety of workers. You can get your hands on it through Ali Express which takes approx 30 days to deliver to India. These shoes cost around US $39 which is not so cheap and nor so costly as well. One can buy them if looking for a multi-purpose nice quality shoes.

Keen Utility

Keen is a dynamic organization that makes premium footwear, socks and bags. The shoes manufactured here are best in comfort and style. One can find variety of design in here like steel toe, waterproof Leather, non-slippery soles and reflective piping. This brand was founded in the year 2003 and one of the best sellers on Amazon US. The only downside about this brand is that the shoes are very costly for approx US $150.


Sketchers is a American footwear company selling their footwear and accessories around the globe. This brand was established in 1992 and have its headquarter in California. There is no comparison about the quality of the shoes and the brand value. But, if compared with the prices of safety shoes in India this brand is a big no for a middle class person. The shoe range from INR 10k-15k on Amazon. But having said that if you are looking for an amazing quality comfortable safety shoes then you can give this brand a try.


Timberland is a USA based manufacturing unit which focuses on manufacturing footwear of all kind. This brand was founded in the year 1928 by " Nathan Swartz". Safety shoe is one of the product manufactured by them. The quality of shoes manufactured by this brand is remarkable and range from INR 10k-31k on Amazon India. One can imagine that instead of such high price they are still the best sellers on Amazon having more than 4.5 stars by 200 plus customers. This shows that people are looking for high quality and classy looks and money doesn't matters much if it comes to the brand value.


So, these were the few brands which you can go for if you are looking for a good quality safety shoes online. All of the brands mentioned are reliable and best rated by the customers. But, before going for any brands you should first check your needs about which type of safety shoes suits you the best. Festive Season is round the corner and you can grab your favorite pairs at good discount at this time. Happy Shopping!!!

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