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In this era of international competition, brands and designers are designing unique types of shoes for men for all seasons. Shoes plays most important role in men`s outfit, If you really love to dress up well than you must have the knowledge of all kinds of shoes so that you can pair them with your best matching dress.

In this post we will try to enhance your knowledge by describing briefly about different types of shoes with names, pictures and significance. So here is the list of all types of men`s shoes which become quite popular.

1. Derby Shoes

Don`t get confuse with above image, Derby is just a style in which the quarter overlaps the vamp part of the shoe. In derby style both formal and casual shoes are made.

Above derby image is one of the types of formal shoes which are highest saleable all around the world. You can easily insert your foot inside because of open lacing system and that makes them too relaxed for everyone.

If we make similar design in tan color with honey sole and decorative stitching than same shoes will be called as derby casual shoes. We hope now you understand what is derby shoes means. Now lets move to second style called as Oxford. 

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2. Oxford Shoes


As described in picture, In oxford shoe the vamp part overlaps the quarters and eyelet part that is why shoe laces gives closed look in oxford style. This is one of the types of formal shoes. In oxford style you can have many designs like perforated punch brogue, toe cap ( image one), single pattern etc. Now you can easily identify the difference between oxford vs derby shoe.

If you want to buy for office purpose than go for toe cap style oxford, it looks too classy and gives professional look. If going to attend a party with grey suit than checkout the tan color leather oxfords with square or round toe. 

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3. Slip on Shoes

 slip on formal shoes for men

Slip on shoes are said to be most comfortable and easy shoes to wear, usually there is a elastic support which grip on foot instead of laces. People usually call them without lace shoes. Above picture is of a formal slip on shoe by SeeandWear. Loafers and moccasins also falls under slip on shoes category.

This is the most basic and demanded style in Indian market so all top shoe brands must keep a good range of similar kind of slip on shoes.

4. Brogue Shoes


You can see a beautiful decorative perforation in above image, these perforation are called as "Brogues" hence the name of shoe is Brogue Shoes. There are many kinds of brogues are in trend right now, like full brogue or wingtip brogue, quarter brogues and semi brogues. Above classification is given as per the total punches in the shoes.

If you are planning to wear brogues shoes with formal suit, pant or trouser than buy black or brown color. For semi casual or casual outfit you can buy tan or any other bright color which can go with dress.

5. Monk Strap Shoes


There are two types of monk shoes, one is single strap and another is double strap. In above image you can see that instead of laces or elastic there is strap with buckle which helps to hold foot.  Monk straps are in between formal and casual shoes, although now people wear them in offices and other formal occasions as well.

These shoes looks very class and different and everyone should must have at least a pair of monk shoes in their wardrobe.

6. Boots

Boots are everyone`s favorite and you must have at least a pair of boots in your wardrobe. Boots are the footwear which covers the ankle or lower calf and sometimes up to knees. Boots are also made up in different material like leather, synthetic and rubber as well.

There are many types of boots are available in market like Chelsea Boots, Desert Boots/Chukka boots, Work Boots, Hiking Boots, Brogue Boots and Army Boots. The above image is of a Chelsea boot which is the best seller right now in boots category.

    7. Boat Shoes

Initially the boat shoes were designed to be worn on a boat by sailors with non marking rubber soles. In 1935 modern boat shoes replaced the old design and boat shoes became quite popular for casual wear. Boat shoes are traditionally worn without socks, and it's very easy to identify the boat shoe from its design. Toe part of boat shoes is the same as moccasin, side laces have another unique feature. 

     8. Loafers

A loafer is a slip on shoe that means a shoe without laces and its different from formal slip on which we have described above. Its basically a "low-shoe" in which ankle is exposed that is why loafers are always worn without socks. Just put your bare foots in shoes and you are ready to go !!

Loafers are worn for casual purpose. Construction is always cemented.

     9. Sport Shoes

Although everyone knows about sport shoes because almost every individual own at least a pair of sport shoes. This is the most comfortable footwear made up of mesh material for upper and EVA sole. These shoes were designed to wear while doing sports activity but now a days everyone wear in normal day activities. It's very easy to identify sports shoes.

    10. Sneakers

Sneakers also fall under under the category of of sports shoes but now a days sneakers are the best selling shoes worldwide as a casual shoe. Sneakers are made up of canvas or synthetic material.


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