Collection: Minor Defect Shoes

Other brands generally sell these kind of products during sale but SeeandWear believe in gaining customer`s trust so decided to sell these products under minor defect category. 

These are the list of defects due to which the shoes are tagged in this category.

  •  Old stock but not expired. Sole or leather will not break.  
  •  Thin or little wrinkled leather.  
  •  Trial Shoes. From every production lot we test quality of  random 1-2 pairs by wearing them for 1-2 day. 
  • Other minor defects. 

  Why you should buy these shoes ? 

  •     3 months warranty.
  •     There is no cut or damage in the shoes.
  •     Replacement can be done with another style or fresh pairs.
If you do not compromise with quality than please buy from fresh leather shoes.